Care Plus - Anti-Insect Deet - Protection anti-moustiques

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Caractéristiques et fonctionnalités
Produit insectifuge
Domaine d'utilisation:
Protection contre les insectes et les tiques
Ingrédient actif: DEET (diéthyltoluamide)
Lotion (50 ml), spray 50 % (60 ml), spray 40 % (60 ml), spray vêtements (200 ml)
Lotion (64 g), spray 50 % (77 ml), spray 40 % (77 g), spray vêtements (236 g)
N° art.:
Description du produit
General information DEET is the strongest insect repellent you can use on your skin. DEET is the abbreviation for the active ingredient N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide (CAS no. 134-62-3). The active substance is effective against a variety of insect carriers of diseases, such as malaria mosquitoes and ticks. Consult the Care Plus® Prevention table on page 9. DEET is recommended for use in risk areas for malaria, dengue fever, and yellow fever. DEET is suitable for all destinations, whether far away or close to home. Our DEET is available in 30%, 40%, and 50% strengths. The percentage determines the active duration. DEET offers up to 10 hours of protection against bites and stings. Apply DEET products a maximum of once per day. The German consumer product test foundation Stiftung Warentest awarded Care Plus® Anti-Insect DEET a rating of ‘good’ in 2004 (50% lotion), 2010 (50% lotion), and 2013 (40% spray). Care Plus® Anti-Insect DEET was given a positive test rating by the Dutch Consumers’ Association in 2005 (30% gel) and 2013 (40% spray). Care Plus® DEET has been registered by Tropenzorg B.V. with local authorities, and is in compliance with all standards of safe and effective use when used as directed. Availability of DEET may depend on local biocide regulations. Bitrex® Small children put products in their mouth as they explore their environment, without being aware of the potential risks of doing so. This is why we have added the odourless, bitter agent Bitrex® to our Care Plus® DEET products since 2012. Bitrex® reduces the risk of the insect repellent being ingested by small children. DEET and plastic DEET damages certain materials. You should keep DEET from coming into contact with plastics and finished surfaces such as spectacle frames, cameras, and table tops. Children and DEET • DEET 30% is suitable for children aged three years and older. • DEET 40% is suitable for children aged three years and older. • DEET 50% is suitable for children aged three years and older. Pregnancy and breast-feeding Official studies are not conducted on pregnant women. The use of products containing DEET during pregnancy and breast-feeding is not recommended. If you do choose to use DEET, use only in the second and third trimester of your pregnancy and only use DEET 30% gel. If you wish to use an insect repellent during pregnancy or while breast-feeding, we recommend choosing Anti-Insect Natural, because it is not readily absorbed by the skin. "

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