Black Diamond - Camalot X4 Offset - Coinceur

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Caractéristiques et fonctionnalités
Came (coinceur actif)
Aluminium (coinceurs mécaniques; Manchons de protection); Sous-pied en acier
Taille 0,1/0,2 - Taille 0,5/0,75
53 g (taille 0.1/0.2) - 101 g (taille 0.5/0.75)
Charge de rupture:
5 kN (taille 0.1/0.2); 6 kN (taille 0.2/0.3); 8 kN (taille 0.3/0.4); 9 kN (tailles 0.4/0.5 et 0.5/0.75)
Coinceurs mécaniques:
quatre coinceurs mécaniques Offset (anodisés; à code couleur)
Âme unique avec douilles en aluminium
Structure à double axe (taille 0.4/0.5 et 0.5/0.75); Technologie de l'axe traversant (tailles 0.1/0.2 - 0.3/0.4); à code couleur
N° art.:
Description du produit
Black Diamond continues to the raise the standard for excellent camming units year after year, and the Camalot X4 Offset is its newest knight in shining armor. Each side of the cam has a different sized lobe that helps you place it in oddly shaped cracks in order to give you more placement options so you stay safer while you climb. The bigger sizes have the same beloved double-axle design that BD's C4 series has, which provides a huge expansion range and allows the cam to double as a stopper when placed passively. The smaller sizes follow BD's brand new design where both axles are stacked onto one another in order to give you the same benefits as the double axle, only this design suits smaller cams better so you can place them in tiny pin scars with confidence.

The Camalot X4 Offset also features springs within the lobes that keep the head sleek, narrow, and easy to place in a variety of different sized cracks. Black Diamond armored the single stem with aluminum beads that add durability and strength when you set it in awkward horizontal placements. Both the symmetric swage and the hot-forged trigger bar offer an ergonomic control when you clean your gear, and each cam is color-coded with a complementary Dyneema sling so they can stand out amongst all your other pieces on your rack. 

  • Stacked axle design in the 0.1/0.2, 0.2/0.3, and 0.3/0.4 sizes
  • Double axle design in the 0.4/0.5 and 0.5/0.75 sizes
  • Cam springs embedded in narrow lobes
  • Armored cable
  • Symmetric swage
  • Hot-forged trigger bar
  • Color-coded with complementary Dyneema sling
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