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Arc'teryx - Voltair 30 Backpack - Sac à dos airbag

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Sac à dos airbag
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Once again the master minds of Arc?teryx created a master piece: the Voltair airbag system!
An air blower refills the airbag of the Voltair 30 backpack. Whereas a cartridge has to be constantly refilled with gas and only inflates the u-shaped safety balloons, the rechargeable battery (not included) can fully inflate the airbag with its little turbine for up to 20 times (when fully charged) and that even in freezing temperatures of -10 Celsius. This is very efficient and extremely useful especially when giving avalanche safety classes, where otherwise you would have to change or refill the cartridges every time. Furthermore, it can be acquired with a solar panel or portable rechargeable battery just in case the rechargeable battery does run low. Another advantage is increased safety. While an activation of the airbag is very likely to occur when filling with a gas cartridge, the air blower of the Voltair System keeps filling up even it the airbag was to have a whole. This allows the rechargeable battery to make sure that the turbine keeps refilling air and the airbag stays pumped.

The useful volume of the backpack amounts 30 litres. The backpack was designed bigger due to the fact that airbag, air blower and rechargeable battery are all stored in it. These features include: Mesh pocket on the hip belt, inside pocket for valuables, subdivided pocket for LVS-gear.
The backpack is completely laminated and made out of a coated PU Ripstop-Nylon. Thanks to the coated zips, the fabric is absolutely snow and water resistant. Even the laminated back panel is thermoformed. So are the waist belts, which help support the backpack on the back when ambitiously going down the slopes.
Besides that, it has an adjustable chest strap, load control straps and compression straps, which ensure perfect grip. Skis, snowboards and ice pickels can be attached on stable mounts in the front. All key locks and zips are easily accessible with gloves. There is a loop on the right waist belt with contrasting colours, which will be attached to the leg and ensures that the Voltair 30 stays on even on falls and avalanches.
The activator can be locked and is attached to the left shoulder strap, where is can be easily accessed at all times. An indicating light will turn on when the system is ready for action.
Whether it is used to guide tours, teach classes or enjoy going down speedy slopes on the Backcountry - the Arc?teryx Voltair 30 Backpack is ready!

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